Contractor WorkZone Development

Please note that no new features or future changes will be added to the original Contractors Apps. We will continue to support existing users who have already downloaded the original apps, but encourage all new users to check out Contractor WorkZone - built on the base of the original apps but with added features and improvements.





Tradies is a mobile office tool for construction and trades.

It provides quick and easy Site Diaries/Dailies, Variations/Change Orders, Request For Information, Invoicing Quoting, Purchase Orders, Tender Requests, Site Instructions, Subcontract Agreements. All of which can be emailed of in PDF format.

You can download Tradies FREE BUT to preview items and/or email PDF reports, you will need to purchase Tradies either by individual module or the complete app as a package.

Tradies Features

  • Site Diary

  • Change Orders/Variations

  • Quotes

  • Invoicing

  • Toolbox Talk
  • Meeting Minutes

  • Request for Information

  • Sub Contractor Agreements

  • Tender Request

  • Estimate
  • Backcharge Notice

  • Purchase Order

  • Site Instructions

  • Extension of Time

Products/Materials Importing Template

To quickly update your Tradies database with your products and materials following the instuctions CLICK HERE.

Videos & Samples - NEW "HOW TO" VIDEO'S COMING SOON!

Tradies Settings
Project Settings
How to Upgrade
(In App Purchase)
site-boss-settings site-boss-project-settings in-app-purchase  
Site Diary
Change Order/Variation
Meeting Minutes
Request of Information
site-diary change-order-variations meeting-minutes request-for-info
pdfSample PDF pdfSample PDF pdfSample PDF pdfSample PDF
Tender/Bid Request
Purchase Order
Site Instruction
Extension of Time
tender-request purchase-order site-instruction extension-of-time
pdfSample PDF pdfSample PDF pdfSample PDF pdfSample PDF
Backcharge Notice
pdfSample PDF 1
pdfSample PDF 2