Products/Materials Importing Template

Download this file. Modify it to include your Products and Materials then you must save the document as Products.tpf and save the format as CSV. If not, it will not work. You don't have to use the Category, Sku or Brand, but you need a Description, Unit and Cost. I always use the cost as EX TAX.

  1. Do not use ANY symbols (e.g.: $ @ " ' ..etc) in the file as it will not import.
  2. You may need to rename the file if Excel adds the extension .csv to the end of the file name. Just rename it Products.tpf

To import the product file, email your device the Products.tpf and hold your finger on the file. It will then prompt you to Open In, select Tradies or Site Boss. The selected app will then open and import the products. Large product lists (4500) will take 4 or so minutes.

Show or hide file name extensions - For Windows Users

A file name extension is a set of characters added to the end of a file name that determine which program should open it. Follow these steps to choose whether Windows displays these file extensions.

  1. Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Folder Options.
  2. Click the View tab, and then, under Advanced settings, do one of the following:

        a: To hide file extensions, select the Hide extensions for known file types check box, and then click OK.
        b: To display file extensions, clear the Hide extensions for known file types check box, and then click OK.

Instructional Video